Managing real estate with unrivalled quality and sustainability standards

We manage both our own and our clients’ portfolios with the greatest care. In addition to traditional tenement management, our services include condominium management for residents and investors as well as the management of commonhold properties.

Long-term, sustained success in real estate management requires a professional, holistic approach to the property. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in project development and sales, we have a clear advantage over traditional property management firms. This allows us to determine and evaluate the potential of a property better and more accurately than others. We leverage our insights to your benefit - you’ll profit from the sustained value enhancement and appreciation of your property.

Having committed ourselves to consistently high quality, we use professional real estate software products made by DOMUS Software AG. Naturally, our application of choice - DOMUS4000 - has been tested and approved according to the official German “principles of proper software-based accounting systems” GoBS.