Berlin - a place with outstanding prospects for investments

Berlin still offers the best opportunities for investors. Compared to other German cities and international metropolises, real estate prices and rents in Berlin are low. While prices of up to 10.000 euros per m² are customary in Paris, London or Moscow, property prices of less than 1.000 euros per m² are on offer in Berlin. There are historical reasons for the low real estate prices and rents in Berlin. Due to the east/west divide and the city's island location, Berlin was not an attractive location for investors. But now, however, international investors have recognised the potential for development in Berlin following reunification so that in recent years Berlin has become increasingly important as a place to invest and as a centre of business. Undervalued properties and rents that are set to rise make Berlin a secure and sustainable investment. Investing in real estate also protects against inflation while investing in listed buildings offers tax incentives.

You too can participate in the development of this capital city by investing in real estate in Berlin. Whether you are looking for an apartment to live in, a holiday home or income property, we know the ins and outs of Berlin's real estate market and can help you before, during and after your property acquisition in Berlin. With professional advice and many years of experience in the market, we can help ensure lasting success for your investment.

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